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The season of sport games doesn’t end, no matter what time of year it is. If you search the Web, you can find many types of free online sports games that are waiting to be played. You can focus on your work and pretend you don’t want to play, but is that what you really want to do? People really enjoy playing sports games.

We have gathered a list of the top 5 free sports games for each category that you can play at the moment. The list includes almost every popular sport and features the franchises that have really illustrated the look and feel of their game. Just continue to scroll down and decide which games you want to play.


1. New Star Soccer

New-Star-Soccer New-Star-Soccer-2

An extraordinary football career game that enables you to live the life of an upcoming football star is New Star Soccer. You begin in the lower leagues and then you can try to reach the top by scoring more goals, training more and maintaining your fans, team mates and boss happy.

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★

2. The Champions 4 – World Domination

the-champions-4-world-domination-online-game the-champions-4-world-domination-online-game-2

The Champion 4 is the soccer game in which you can lift the 2014 World Cup Trophy and achieve World Domination! Now is your chance to lead your team to victory and win all the 29 championship matches. You must create a team from the ground up by naming the team, the players and choosing the colors of the team. You can use Arrow Keys to move the players of the field, C to shoot and X to pass.

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★★

3. My Soccer Game

my-soccer-game-1 my-soccer-game-2

My Soccer Game is soccer manager game that is really enjoying and addictive. You manage mini football teams of 3 players. You must train your players to improve their skills, hire a new coach and try to win as many trophies as you can! Lead your team to victory and win the highest league!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

4. Sports Heads Football Championship

sports-heads-football-championship-1 sports-heads-football-championship-2

Sports Heads is a popular soccer game that returns with more heads, a league and many upgrades. Your job is easy: Score as many goals as you can, beat your opponents and win the Trophy.

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

5. The Champions 3D

The-Champions-3D The-Champions-3D-2

The Champions 3D has been developed by Gamesheep and it’s actually a game that simulates the World Cup Soccer 2010 championship. You can lead your team to victory and lift the trophy if you win 7 matches and the final! Use the arrow keys to move the players on the field, shoot with C and pass with X.

Addiction: ★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★★

6. Death Penalty World Cup

death-penalty-world-cup-1 death-penalty-world-cup-2

This game features several Groups of Death. Select the team that you want and get past the multitude of zombies in the shootout to reach the final encounter with the undead Sepp Blatter! Shoot near the dotted line to hit great shots and aim for the head!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★

7. Soccer Stars

soccer-stars soccer-stars-2

You can prove that you are a true Champion and demonstrate your soccer skills by playing the fast-paced Soccer Stars game. You can choose one of the following 6 teams: Euro Elite, North American Masters, Far East Warriors, African Aces, Australasia Elite or S.A. All Stars. Feel free to tackle your opponents, steal the ball and then pass to a team-mate. You can also try to make a break down the field and take a shot on goal!

Addiction: ★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

8. Ultimate Football Manager 2015

ultimate-football-manager-1 ultimate-football-manager-2

Here is your chance to win the League Cup and become a well-known manager! Prove your skills and don’t miss this rare opportunity!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★

9. Soccer Balls 2

soccer-balls-1 soccer-balls-2

Soccer Balls is a different football game. It is more like a physics game in which you must collaborate with your team mates to hit the referee with the ball in order to receive red cards. It has 36 levels and your goal is to complete them with three stars.

Addiction: ★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★

10. World Cup Kicks

world-cup-kicks-1 world-cup-kicks-2

If you’re a football fan, then you’ll definitely love this game! World Cup Kicks is the one of the most popular football games out there. You can select a team and group and begin to play. Set the curve, angle and power to shoot incredible free kicks. Keep in mind that the wind will have an effect on the speed and angle of your shot.

Addiction: ★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★


1. World Basketball Challenge

world-basketball-challenge-game-1 world-basketball-challenge-game-2

To advance to a new level in this game you must score against your opposition! You can personalize your player and participate in numerous basketball games worldwide.

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★

2. Basketball Jam Shots

basketball-jam-shots-1 basketball-jam-shots-2

Another exciting hoop-shooting game to play is Basketball Jam Shots. A team that includes the top basketball players in the world is anxious to demonstrate their skills. You can select the direction of the ball and then throw the ball – but pay attention to the other players. Oftentimes, many of them don’t play by the rules. To unlock the next mode and other players, you must score the minimal number of points and baskets that are illustrated in every mode before the time runs out. If you score multiple baskets in a row, you have the opportunity of taking a long-range bonus shot for earning additional points. The question is: Can you get past Inferno Mode?

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

3. World basketball Championship

flashworldbasketballchampionship-1 flashworldbasketballchampionship-2

You have the chance to become a World Basketball Champion. Pick a national team and advance from the group stage to the final. The goal of this game is to place the basketball into the hoop while your guiding trail becomes smaller and smaller. You can control the direction with your mouse and use the click left mouse button to shoot.

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★

4. Probasket

pro-basket-1 pro-basket-2

In ProBasket you can prove if you are a true basketball superstar or not by shooting hoops! You can throw the ball in the basket from different angles and distances. You must tap and release in order to shoot the ball to the hoop!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

5. Hyper Dunker

hyperdunker-1 hyperdunker-2

Why is Hyper Dunker a special game? What would it take to improve the gameplay of basketball games? Earning points for style.

Addiction: ★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★


1. Wonderputt

Wonderputt-1 wonderputt-2

Wonderputt is probably the best mini-putt game that you have ever seen. This addictive adventure golf game features torpedos, ski slopes and many other extraordinary environments to play golf in.

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

2. Turbo Golf

turbo-golf-1 turbo-golf-2

In this exciting fast-paced golf game Turbo Golf you have the chance to compete with multiple golf players on several difficult putting greens, gather coins to boost your clubs and use power ups to beat other golfers. Why call it ‘Turbo Golf’? Because the player that has the quickest time on every hole is the winner!

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

3. Gravitee 2 

gravitee-1 gravitee-2

This is a golf game that unfolds in space, using amazing physics and gravity.

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★

4. Mini-putt 3

mini-putt3-1 mini-putt3-2

Mini-putt 3 is the latest sequel of the awesome mini golf course game series Mini Putt. Your goal is to place the ball in the hole by using with few shots and try to complete all the holes that are displayed under par. You’ll love Mini-putt 3!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★

5. Desktop Mini Golf

Desktop-Mini-Golf desktop_mini_golf-2

Desktop Mini Golf is an awesome game if you want to kill some time. Your mission is to use as few strokes as you can to place the golf ball into the hole. You can control the power of the shot with your mouse.

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★


1. Billiards Blitz 3

billiard-blitz-3-v1 billiard-blitz-3-v2

This is a great challenging pool game that allows you to highlight your logical abilities. There are 12 available levels of Billiard, but you can also play it in free mode. You need to complete some requests on every level. In the end of the page there are some indications you have to follow.

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

2. Penthouse Pool

penthouse-pool-single-player_img1 penthouse-pool-single-player_img2

This single player game is a very easy way of spending some free time. At the beginning, the only thing you have to do is placing the ball, to establish the right shot towards the best angle and pull your mouse back to increase the power of your shot. You will only need some practice, and then you will be able to play it right. Enjoy!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

3. Billiard Straight

Billiard-Straight-1 Billiard-Straight-2

This is a classic Pool game. The first player who reaches 8 points is the winner. The game is about 5 minutes long and you play against the Computer. Use the mouse to aim, control the power and shoot.

Addiction: ★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

4. Powerpool 2 

power-pool-1 power-pool-2

This is not the common pool game you are used to play on the internet. Powerpool is an entertaining, exciting and fast paced version of online pool game. The table has only four pockets and you can hit the ball while it is moving; but the game is somehow not so real.

Addiction: ★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★

5. Pub Snooker

pub-snooker-1 pub-snooker-2

The computer snooker players are intelligent and are capable of playing for position and playing safety shots, only the best players will be able to beat the Magician in the hardest snooker challenge. This game has excellent billiards physics, you can use spin to control the cue ball, keep position and make big breaks.

Addiction: ★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★★


1. Tennis Champions

Tennis-Champions-1 tennis-champions-2

This is an opportunity to challenge the best tennis players in the world. There is a tournament made up of three stages. You have the chance to become the world’s best tennis player ever after you master well all the moves. You will be admired by everyone when winning this addictive game! Show everybody that you are the best tennis player! Good luck! You need to move fast!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

2. Stick Tennis

stick-tennis-1 stick-tennis-2

This is an easy but difficult to master tennis game. It is a quick and fluid game; it has realistic court area and there are numerous styles of playing and many other features.

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

3. Yahoo Tennis

yahoo-tennis-1 Yahoo-Tennis-2

This is a funny but challenging tennis gameplay. It is 3D and you can control your opponent in a back tail image. You have the same rules as a normal tennis game.

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

4. Stick figure badminton

stick-figure-badminton-1 stick-figure-badminton-2

This game represents a redefinition of all the elements of a badminton game that you were used to. I am sure you will enjoy it very much!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★

5. Sports Heads Tennis

sports-heads-tennis-1 sports-heads-tennis-2

You only use heads and rackets to play this game. There are 10 seeds you have to defeat in order to get the trophy, so Good luck with it!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★


1. Berzerk Baseball

berzerk-ball-1 berzerk-ball-2

This is the extended version of Home run gameplay. It has new elements, new weapons and a new sexy character. This is the perfect moment to beat your friends again with high scores!

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★★

2. Pinch Hitter 2

pinch-hitter-1 pinch-hitter-2

The main goal here is to hit the ball as far as possible. You get the points depending on this. The main thing of this game is to score a few major points. You need to swing the ball in the right moment and get the bat in line. It is important to hit the ball in the right moment! Good luck!

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★★

3. Slugger Baseball

Slugger-Baseball-1 Slugger-Baseball-2

There are 30 levels of this game; you will need precision, luck and attention to hit all the stars!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

4. Cricketer Premier League Game

Cricketer-Premier-League-Game-1 Cricketer-Premier-League-Game-2

You can choose the team you prefer and do your best to become the king of this great cricket game!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

5. Baseball Master

Baseball-Master-1 Baseball-Master-2

You will need to hit as many runs and possible and as far as possible, too.

Addiction: ★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★


1. Axis Football League

axis-football-league-1 axis-football-league-2

This is the sports that every American in the US loves: football. Besides a strong body, to master well this game you also need to be clever enough. You need to pay attention to the whole field and stay in the quarterback position. Try it now and see if you are able to win and lead your team!

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

2. 4th and Goal 2015

4th-and-goal-2014-icon-1 4th-and-goal-2014-icon-2

This is not a real gameplay where your favorite team loses! You won’t get miffed passes or stupid end zone antique moves! This is sweet football dynamics. You can control your players, crush your opponents and WIN!

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

3. Return Man 3: The Season Game

Return-Man-3 Return-Man-3b

You have plenty of stages to pass through and there are numerous levels! This is a weekly game and it lasts for 15 weeks long.

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★★


1. Solipskier

solipskier-1 solipskier-2

This is a fast skiing gameplay; you have to draw your slopes. You only need to click and drag to create a course into the snow. You will get the ability to master the terrain. You can also jump or do different tricks to get more points.

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

2. Downhill Snowboard 3

downhill-snowboard-3 downhill-snowboard-3b

This is a continuing of the physics based snowboard; the big difference is that now you have more players, more tricks and lots of fun! You can ride avalanches down the mountains if you are good at it, or you can just get chased by it and crush!

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

3. iStunt 2

iStunt2 iStunt2v2

You are on a snowboard and your goal is to hit the Alps on full speed. You have difficult stuns to pull off to gain more points. Learn it well and you will become an iStunt legend!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★★

4. Extreme Heli Boarding

Extreme-Heli-Boarding-2 Extreme-Heli-Boarding-2b

You have the role of the cool buddy and ride on your snowboard on a steep mountain. You have to do tricks and stuns and you have to pass through obstacles in order to get more points. You have golden stars to collect and you have a limited time to get to the finish line.

Addiction: ★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★

5. Ski Maniacs

ski-maniacs-1 ski-maniacs-2

The winter is close now and there are no more bikes of the Cyclo-Maniacs around. Now Ski Maniacs enjoy their time!

Addiction: ★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★


1. Ducklife 4

Duck-life-1 Duck-life-2

Your goal is to save your farm. The game is very funny and dynamic. Your cute duck has to become the best of all swimming, flying and running animals.

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

2. Dolphin Olympics 2

dolphin-olympics-1 dolphin-olympics-2

Your dolphin can make flips into the air, jump and swim into the water. But first you need to land nose! You will increase your speed if you pass through rings and take fish out of the water for extra points. You can use the arrows to control your Flipper and get points in 2 minutes time!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

3. Gone to the Dogs

gone-to-the-dogs-1 gone-to-the-dogs-2

Another great racing tycoon game.  Buy, train and race your dog to win prizes and trophies. Remember, a happy dog is a racing dog.

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

4. Animal Raceway

animal-raceway-1 animal-raceway-2

In animal raceway, you get to pick your animal and train him, so it can become the worlds fastest animal. Get the most speed and stamina to win all the races, then you’ll get gold medals and a contract to be a spokesanimal!

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

5. Learn to Fly 3

learnToFly-1 learnToFly-2

You have to learn your little penguin to fly. Make upgrades and spend your cash and fly as far as possible. You have to show everyone that even a penguin is able to fly!

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★ | Sound: ★★★


1. Cyclo Maniacs 2

cyclomaniacs-1 cyclomaniacs-2

Cyclomaniacs 2 is the sequel of the popular racing game made by TurboNuke and Longanimals. Take a cycle, choose a race and compete against 20 crazy riders. Are you a coward or a real Cyclomanic?

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

2. Shark Lifting 2

shark-lift-1 shark-lift-2

In Shark Lifting 2 the weightlifter Masivv Von Swoledre III needs your help to build the greatest biceps ever. Navigate his plane across the oceans to several destinations and train Masivv at local beaches. To start his killer workout you have to click rapidly. Your goal is to lift all kinds of sharks up and down in order to build god-like ripped arms!

Addiction: ★★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★★

3. Crunch Ball 3000

crunch-ball-3000 crunch-ball-3000b

In this futuristic sport, you must score as many goals as you can and prevent the other team from doing so. Earn glory and admiration by playing your best in the field.

Addiction: ★★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

4. Hit the Jackpot 3

hit-the-jackpot-2 hit-the-jackpot-3

Test your archery skils by trying to Hit The Jackpot! The objective of the game is to hit the exact center of the target by placing and timing your shots as close as possible to the target. Try to go for perfect scores! To do this, you must make sure your aim is spot on by the time you shoot the arrow. Watch out for distance and wind factors that will affect your shot.

Addiction: ★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

5. Olympic games challenge

Olympic-games-challenge-1 Olympic-games-challenge-2

Compete against other players in a game of Hurdles, MatchRace and Shot Put.

Addiction: ★★★ | Graphics: ★★★★★ | Sound: ★★★★

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