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Baseball Big Hitter
Game: Baseball Big Hitter

All lovers of the overall game of baseball thoroughly appreciate this application, as it is quite realistic graphics and physics itself.

Very well-designed details that may help you dive into the world of sports.

Get right up as a striker, but rather you can be standing at the bit. You may be served insidious balls, but that should not stop you to taste victory.

Baseball Big Hitter is a game based on timing and quick reactions, you get 24 balls pitched at you and you must aim to hit the ball as far as you can to get the best score possible.

Do not miss a single ball and deliver powerful blows. Your very best result is the case.

If you send a ball somewhere over the stadium, but instead on the podium. Then your fans will be just one single voice cheering your name. Where you strike the ball is important as it will determine whether it will go high or low, left or right. If you miss the ball you lose that shot. Each swing will add up for your total score. Oh, and watch out for bonus stars.

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