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Billiard Blitz 2
Game: Billiard Blitz 2

Display off your cool cue moves in this smooth and challenging pool sport. Play through 12 amounts of Billiard skill, or even have fun in totally free game mode.

Each one of the quantities has its own needs to pass. You should follow the directions on the bottom of the particular screen.

If you fail a level, you have to restart it. If you complete it, you can move on or replay to get a much better rating.

Some levels are timed. Others require you to hit certain balls with a specific target. You are penalized for each wrong move, so be careful. The better you play, the better your score.

Remember - pressure and aim are everything. If you aim a little off, your ball will land that way. If you apply too much pressure, you may hit other balls.

Get through all 12 levels and become an experienced player!


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