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Gully Cricket
Game: Gully Cricket

Zooming into the horizon and stopping before four smug looking cricketers. That's the way the intro went for Gully Cricket and online flash cricket game.

You can be playing as the batsman, as well as your location is a back street of a rural area. Kids could be pretty resourceful if they want to play a cricket game, and you as well as your friends get together to have a nice good game of friendly cricket.

From a third person view; you will end up controlling the position of your character with the mouse button while left clicking can make him swing the bat. When he hit the ball, the number runs depends upon where you've done the ball go to.

Having the ball fly to the sides will probably be worth 2, behind the other kids are worth four, and somewhere into those buildings are worth six runs.

When you will are finally doing good and think that you will be somehow likely to get popular with all your playmates, the contrary happens, and you and almost every other player enters a brawl where you have to keep tapping the spacebar to win.

When you finally complete the bat image in underneath right corner throughout a fight, you successfully beat everyone else, and the overall game continues as though nothing happened.


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