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Online Cricket 2011
Game: Online Cricket 2011

Cricket fever is back!

Cricket World Cup is one complex flash cricket game with lots of buttons to press and controls to remember to win! In this game, you start bowling by pressing the area bar.

The bowling point on the pitch could be adjusted with the arrow keys. After locking, the bowling speed is increased automatically when you need to press the area bar to lock the speed.

A line is drawn on the speed indicator, and when the increase passes the line, it is counted as a no ball. However, the closer it is to the line, the harder to throw the ball and the more difficult for the batsman to hit it.

To perform among the wickets, you can press the down arrow for an individual run or more arrow for a second run.

You can choose from 14 different teams to compete on the globe cup. After choosing your team, you can select just how many overs have had a need to win, then from your own team, you will select one character to play and lastly, choose heads or tails for a coin toss to determine who'll bat first.

Sort of minimap is added to the most notable right of the screen to learn the position of all the players of the overall game.


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