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Super Sixers 2
Game: Super Sixers 2

Another cricket game is usually to be enjoyed here, and before you tackle down the tournament, you can first play a practice match!

Time to get set and make your team win! Aim to score as many home runs as you can and see if you can hit the high score.

In this timing based game with a little requirement for correct positioning, you can be playing as the batsman, and you start to see the game from a third-person perspective, behind your player. You position him in the field utilizing the arrow keys and you ought to consider putting him near the dark box on the ground, which is where the ball is most likely to get thrown too.

When you have chosen the very best position, press spacebar to lock him in place and the enemy player will then check out throw the ball. Here enters the timing section of the game, you should await the ball to come near to you first, then strike away!

It is suggested to allow ball bounce off the bottom first before swinging, not to mention hitting at only the right moment can provide you a brilliant six, which can make your team win! You merely have a limited amount of balls so with them; you should certainly shoot for good swings.

This cricket game is pure batsman power, and you will need it to get your team to the most notable in the ranking. Now continue and see when you can hit that red leather ball for a six.

The technique is critical for hitting a six in the game of cricket. Hitting a six in cricket is when the batsman stikes the ball along with his bat and the ball will not touch the ground until it has gone at night boundary rope. If it can then only a four will be scored.

Scoring a six will always get the crowd excited, and it gives the party an opportunity to be in action by trying to catch the ball. Some formats of the overall game also pay a bonus in the event that you hit a six.

Quite challenging game but once you get the swing of things you will see how addicting this game becomes.

Instructions: Use arrow keys to position batsman. Space when ready and once again to strike the ball.

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